If anyone knows anything about this crime would they kindly make contact with this website or with the police.

Female victim of an abduction and threat to be harmed perpetrated by an unknown male taxi driver in the Melbourne CBD on the 01-08-10. The client said that she was out that evening with several girlfriends celebrating a friend’s birthday. She said that they left the night club they were at and tried to flag down a taxi but being a Saturday night that this proved very difficult. She said that she then decided to leave her friends and walk up to Latrobe Street in an attempt to get a taxi from there. She said that she managed to flag a taxi down and jumped into the back seat. She then asked the taxi driver if he could please turn around and pick up her two friends whom were behind them and then take them to Richmond. She said that the taxi driver then started his motor vehicle and travelled up Latrobe St, and when she again asked him to turn around and pick up her friends, he refused. She again asked him and again he refused and she then requested for him to stop the taxi and let her out and he also refused this request and began to drive faster. The assailant then told her that he was taking her to the Western suburbs to harm her. She said that upon hearing this she became very distressed and then opened the door and jumped out of the taxi while it was still moving. The taxi driver did not stop and drove away. She sustained a Closed Head Injury resulting in bleeding and swelling onto the brain as well as soft tissue damage to her neck.


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