Victims of Crime Compensation & Counselling Services P/L (VOCCS) is a private entity which has been assisting victims of crime in Australia for over fifteen years.

When you contact us the following steps will occur:

1. Depending on what services you require you will be referred to an appropriate service provider.

2. If your enquiry is regarding making an application for crime compensation you will be referred to a solicitor specializing in that area who can make an application on your behalf.

3. If you wish to see a different solicitor several Community Lawyers can be located on the Victim Support Page of this website.

4. If the solicitor makes an application on your behalf, the solicitor, with your consent, may refer you to other practitioners to assist in the process. This may include psychologists who specialize in working with victims of crime, providing psychological reports and counselling.

5. If your enquiry is regarding psychological assessment or counselling you will be referred to a psychologist listed on the Victim Support Page of this website.

6. If your enquiry is regarding another matter we will do our very best to refer you to the right service provider.


If you have any further questions or if we can assist you in any other way please contact us by email:


Head Office

163 Victoria Parade Fitzroy Melbourne Victoria 

Phone: 9415 9492 Fax: 9415 9256

Victims of Crime


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sarah

    My name is Sarah Parker from Immanuel College and as a part of my Year 12 SACE studies this year, I am taking part in Legal Studies. As part of a large assessment I’m studying the question, “Are sex offenders in South Australia being dealt with in a manner that is consistent with the objectives of sanctioning?” I was wondering if you could please take a few minutes out of your time to answer a few questions. It would be greatly appreciated!
    Gaining a variety of primary resources I can identify key information and ideas that websites wouldn’t usually have. The possibility of being able to provide such key information is important and it also describes my goals in undertaking the research.
    1. With regard to the rule of law, do you believe each sex offender is being treated equally before the law? Why/why not?
    2. To what extent do you believe the South Australian criminal justice system achieves a good balance between punishing and rehabilitating sex offenders?
    3. To what extent do you believe the media deters future sex offenders?
    4. With regard to protecting the public from sex offenders, should a national registry of sex offenders be introduced?
    5. What are the primary issues with the way the South Australian criminal justice system currently deals with sex offenders?

    I appreciate your cooperation, and through responding your answers are giving me consent to use your responses in my project.
    Thank you!
    Sarah Parker

  2. laura

    Is it too late to report a child abuse case when person is in their 30s or is there a counselling service somewhere in Geelong or Melbourne

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