Crime is not culture or gender specific and it effects all in society, not just the direct victim of the crime.

Thinking that crime only happens to others and doing nothing to take precautionary measures makes someone very vulnerable to crime.

The cost of crime in enormous and includes the psychological and personal effects on the victims and their families, the cost of apprehending criminals and then prosecuting, housing, feeding and caring for them, as well as the intangible cost of fear and loss of trust.

In order to address crime everyone needs to play their part and all victims need to report crime and witnesses need to come forward to bring criminals to justice.

We need to become less tolerant of crime – any crime committed is one crime too many.

Crime is the barometer of the wellness of a society, the higher the reading the more damaged the society.

Both governments and individuals need to adopt a zero tolerance to crime.

For victims of crime support and advice call 1800 000 055 or go to

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