On the 10-01-18 at around 4.45 am four masked male offenders armed with hammers smashed their way into a service station on the corner of Wood Street & Dalton Road in Thomastown stealing a quantity of cigarettes before fleeing in a silver SUV. The four offenders were all described as being of African appearance.

At around the same time two masked male offenders armed with hammers and a knife entered another services station a short distance away on the corner of Dalton Road & Keon Parade in Keon Park. The offenders jumped the counter and demanded the store attendant open the cash register, striking him to the face. Four other offenders then entered the store stealing a large quantity of cigarettes. The offenders were all described as being of African appearance.

If you have been a victim of crime at work or elsewhere go to www.victimsofcrime.com.au or email support@victimsofcrime.com.au for assistance.

2 thoughts on “Armed Robberies – Thomastown & Keon Park

  1. david

    Can I ask if the ” victim” is being funded to accuse someone and is found to have made false an misleading claims , what rights does the victim and the people of Victoria have to a refund for monies paid to the o called victim.

    The victim it appears is fully funded to run a legal attack on a potentially innocent person and your group happily pays for it. Or actually the tax payer does.

    Meanwhile the accused who doesn’t even have to be guilty has to fund themselves to prove their innocence. Can they when proved innocent sure your group and te so called victim for all costs over time.

    This seems hugely dangerous and seem like you are happily attacking potentially innocent people simply on the word of a so called victim, with no proof whatsoever.

    I have a staff member who cannot afford to defend against the likes of the funding you have, a staff member who is crucial to my business and my business is suffering due to the false claims made by a so called victim.

    What compensation will I receive due to the additional costs to my business because of back filling for the so called and unproven and uncharged citizen who the victim has made accusations about. Because you have funded this so called victim , she has far more resources than the accused and can play legal games because it is costing her nothing. This is not justice to her or the so called accused, it is actually torture of a potentially innocent person —aided by your organisation. The accused has no resources and the victim is endlessly resourced to keep the accusations alive without swiftly dealing with them, resourced by you to change her story repeatedly resourced to used legal coercion on the accused who cannot continue to pay lawyers like she can.. How is this even remotely just.

    What considerations do you make regarding the affects of spurious claims upon the person accused and of their employer and family.

    from David

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