On 16-02-12 at around 3.00 am a male carrying a gun and wearing a balaclava ran into the Albion Charles Hotel and approached staff and demanded money. Hotel Employees gave the assailant the money and he then fled through nearby parkland. Armed robberies in Victorian Hotels and Tabarets are now a common occurrence and often result in victims experiencing emotional and psychological issues.

If you have been the victim of a  crime  in the workplace you may be entitled to seek assistance both via Workcover and through Crime Compensation to assist in your recovery. For advice contact Victims of Crime Counselling & Compensation Services on freecall 1800 000 055.

2 thoughts on “Armed Robbery at Albion Charles Hotel in Northcote

  1. Peter Brittingham

    I was the guard on duty at 3:05 am on Thursday mourning when the hotel was robbed by a person.
    The robber entered through the smoking area, jumping over a barrior approx Fivr foot high just as I was entering the area,.
    He was wearing a basball cap and full face balaclava.He pointed a semi auto pistol straight into my face and started sceaming at me.
    I tried to hold the entry door to the smoking area closed but he ripped the door out of my hand.
    I retreated into the venue and was persued by the robber.
    He stopped me and pointed the gun between my eyes.
    He then gave me a plastic bag and marched me to the cashier with the weapon pointed to the back of my head.
    I held the bag while the manager filled it with the cash draw.
    The robber then fled the venue the same way as he entered.
    I am having alot of trouble dealing with what has happened and have been unable to sleep since the event.
    I was asked to work at the hotel this week but declined.

  2. Dear sir,

    Kindly contact us on 1800 000 055 for assistance.

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