Armed robbery is a serious crime that can have a negative impact on individual victims and employees of businesses that may be targeted. People who work in locations vulnerable to armed robbery can experience significant emotional trauma if present during an armed robbery.

The most recent analyses in 2008 of the victim-based National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program (NARMP) dataset showed the following statistics:

In 2008 there were 6,427 victims of armed robbery.

Knives were used 51% and firearms 13% of the time.

40% of all armed robberies involving individual victims occurred in a retail setting.

48% occurred in an open setting.

The average age of an armed robbery victim was 30 years, and males were more than three times more likely to be victimised than females.

Organisations or commercial premises accounted for 27% of victims.

62% of organizations reported repeat victimisation.

67% of armed robbery incidents occurred between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am.

45% of the time firearms were used in banking and financial settings and 39% of the time in licensed premises.

62% of the time knives were used in the majority of locations, including corner stores, supermarkets, takeaways, post offices and newsagents.

56% of the time cash was stolen followed by electrical goods, such as mobile phones, 16% of the time.

On average, armed robbery offenders netted $1,662 per incident.

Armed robbery offenders

64% of armed robberies involve a single offender.

The average age of lone offenders was 26 years.

The average age of armed robberies involving five offenders was 19 years.

Older offenders tended to target banking and financial locations and pharmacies.

If you have been the victim of an armed robbery contact Victims of Crime Compensation for financial assistance, advice and support on 1800 000 055 or make an enquiry now at

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