On Sunday the 26-08-12 at around 4.00 pm two assailants armed with shot guns entered Myer Melbourne and proceeded to a ground floor cosmetic counter where they threatened the terrified twenty-one-year-old shop assistant before fleeing with $200. The store was filled with shoppers at the time of the brazed burglary.

If you have been the victim of crime contact Victims of Crime Counselling & Compensation Services for assistance on 1800 000 055 or complete our enquiry form at www.victimsofcrime.com.au

One thought on “Armed Robbery – Myer Melbourne

  1. Jo

    In November 2016 ,before Christmas, I was at the Malvern Station , waiting for the train , it was before 7.00pm , my mind was preoccupied as I had to deal with lots of personal problems, I caught train, and suddenly I realized, that I left my hand bag on the bench when I was sitting and waiting for the train. While inside , I pressed the red button and started talking to the train driver , explaining that I left my bag and asking her to contact Malvern station office, so they can get my bag as soon as possible, as I told her I will get off at Caulfield and I will come back to Malvern , to pick up my bag I left 10 minutes after I caught the train (Frankston line), the driver told me that she was going to call Malvern station straight away.

    Believing or not, she did not deliver the message (Metro) , I came back to Malvern Station within 10 minutes , and my bag was already stolen with all my personal belongings and cash I had in my purse. I was horrified, I was looking for the police officers who usually were on duties, surprisingly they were not there at the time of crime, than I approached Malvern “Metro” people who worked at that time, and I was told, that their camera recorded all events of this crime.

    After that, they (staff from “Metro”), took me to Caulfield Police station to lodge Police report. I have asked police officer to investigate this crime, and ask for permission to release video of the entire scene, but Police Officer informed me that she can’t ask for it, and she passed my case to Malvern Police station for further investigation.

    Can you confirm that I have been, again Victim Of Crime? which affected my life and myself psychologically quite badly.

    In addition, my bag was returned to the Police Station, but my money has gone, and I was told that Police can help to find out who stolen my money and my bag, as everything was recorded on the Camera at the Malvern Station .

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