On the 18-02-11 at around 6.40 pm the male victim was sitting in his motor vehicle when he was approached by two male assailants who demanded that he get out of his motor vehicle. The victim refused and was then slashed several times with the machete and forced out of his motor vehicle. The assailants then stole his wallet, mobile phone and drove off in the victim’s motor vehicle. The victim was treated in hospital and fortunately did not sustain any life threatening injuries. Carrying a knife and using it is an escalating problem within Australia with a knife being the most likely weapon to be used in an armed robbery. In Geelong on the 18- 02-12 police searched 118 people and seized three knives as part of an operation targeting knife crime. Police said that carrying a knife is illegal and the culture of carrying weapons needs to be discouraged.

In you have been the victim of an armed robbery, physical assault or similar crime in Victoria contact Victims of Crime Counselling & Compensation Services on freecall 1800 000 055 for professional assistance.

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