On Friday the 09-09-16 at around 10.30 pm a sixteen-year-old boy was exiting a fast food outlet in Greensborough when he was pushed from behind by an unknown offender. The teenage victim ran back inside pursued by the offender demanding the victim’s mobile phone. A teenage shop attendant attempted to protect the victim at which time the offender jumped the counter and punched the attendant to the face and then wrestled the mobile phone from the original victim before fleeing the store. Banyule CIU detectives are investigating the incident.

Earlier that same evening a woman was driving her motor vehicle along Henry Street in Greensborough when a man opened her front passenger door and got into the vehicle and began pushing her out. The victim screamed for help resulting in nearby motorists coming to her aid and the offender fleeing. The offender was described as aged in his early to mid-twenties, of medium build, with distinctive scarring on his face and was wearing a black hoodie.

Police believe the two incidents may be linked.

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