Compensation to victims of crime may include:

  • payment of any loss of wages or income 
  • medical expenses and ambulance expenses
  • dental expenses and other treatment expenses
  • physiotherapy, chiropractic and other similar expenses
  • surgical and related expenses, including plastic surgery
  • psychology, psychiatry and counselling expenses
  • damage to clothing expenses
  • security related expenses
  • as well as any other related out of pocket expenses

Special Financial Assistance

Victims of crime may also be entitled to a cash payment for pain and suffering based on the nature of the crime and injuries sustained.

Other Assistance

Victims of crime may also be entitled in exceptional circumstances to whatever else will assist the victim to recover from the effects of the crime, such as improved home security, self-defence lessons, vocational training, academic tutoring, relocation costs, gym membership, rehabilitative treatment or a holiday.

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Workcover & Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

If you have been the victim of crime at work, such as an armed robbery, aggravated robbery, physical assault or similar crime you may be entitled to make a Crime Compensation claim as well as a Workcover claim.

Also, if you have been the victim of dangerous or culpable driving you may be entitled to make a Crime Compensation claim as well as a TAC claim.

Making such claims is very easy, simple and quick and there is no cost to the victim.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are support programs offered by employers to help their staff deal with problems that might adversely impact upon them, such as traumatic experiences including armed or violent robbery and physical or sexual assaults either in the workplace or elsewhere. Where a crime has been committed against a person Victims of Crime Counselling and Compensation Services (VOCCS) can provide free, prompt and professional support to aid recovery.

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Other forms of compensation:

Victims of crime may also be able to access compensation through the Sentencing Act as well as through Common Law. Under the Sentencing Act once the offender is found guilty the victim may be eligible to seek compensation from the offender within twelve months of the conviction. A victim of crime may also seek compensation through Common Law and has six years from the time of injury to lodge such a claim.

Property Theft & Crimes Against Property

Please note that Crime Compensation does not cover property theft, such as the theft of an unattended motor vehicle or unattended property, and only addresses violent crimes against people, such as physical or sexual assault, aggravated burglary, armed robbery, domestic violence, child abuse, threats to kill, stalking, etc. To report property crimes online go to:

“Supporting the rights of victims of crime in  Australia”

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