There are NO COSTS to victims of crime as professional services may be paid by the relevant State Government. A victim of crime has suffered enough and should not be expected to endure any further costs, suffering or financial hardship.

Victims of Crime Compensation & Counselling Services (VOCCS) works on behalf of victims of crime to ensure that they are aware of their financial entitlements and other assistance to aid in their recovery through referral to a very experienced professional team and has been doing so in Australia for the past fifteen years.

A person who has been a victim of crime in Australia within the past two years and has suffered either a physical injury or a psychological injury and has reported the crime to the police may be eligible for assistance through Crime Compensation.

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Crimes against a victim may include:

Physical assault, Sexual assault, Aggravated burglary, Armed robbery, Rape, Murder, Domestic violence, Domestic abuse, Violent robbery, Aggravated burglary, Child Abuse, Childhood sexual abuse, Stalking, Threats to kill, Workplace assault, Culpable driving, Dangerous driving, Bullying, Breach of an Intervention Order as well as any other violent crime causing injury.

* Please note that crimes against property, such as the theft of an unoccupied home or unattended motor vehicle, are not compensable through Crime Compensation. To report property crimes online go to:

Providing services in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia & Queensland.

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