How to make a Crime Compensation Application

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Armed Robberies- Lalor & Preston

On the 14-11-16 three teenage boys ages seventeen and eighteen years committed armed robberies at a jewellery store in Lalor and at a tobacconist in Preston. The three offenders were arrested later that same day following a police pursuit. They have both been remanded to appear in a children’s court and the other at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.…


Armed Robberies & Aggravated Burglaries – North-West Melbourne

Between the 05-10-16 to the 10-10-16 six teenage males, aged from fourteen to seventeen years, committed the following serious crimes: 05-10-16: Burglary and theft of motor vehicle from a home on Narnia Way in Epping 08-10-16: Armed robbery at a service station on Cemetery Road in Keilor East 09-10-16: Armed robbery at a fast food…


Assault – Hawthorn Train Station

On the 06-10-16 at around 4.00 pm a male assaulted a seventy-three-year-old female on a train at Hawthorn Station. The offender then alighted and proceeded to assault a fifty-four-year-old male and a fourteen-year-old boy. Witnesses managed to restrain the offender until police arrived and arrested him. The offender was a forty-one-year-old male from Tullamarine who…


Carjacking – Chadstone Shopping Centre

On the 13-09-16 just after midnight a thirty-nine-year-old male parked his 2016 Mercedes station wagon outside the supermarket entrance of the Chadstone Shopping Centre as a dark coloured sedan pulled up behind him. An offender alighted from the vehicle, which contained two other occupants, and threatened him with a firearm demanding he hand over his…