Supermarket Robberies – Blackburn, Maribyrnong, Newport, Port Melbourne and Vermont South

On the 29-07-12 three masked assailants armed with machetes entered the Blackburn Safeway Supermarket terrifying staff and patrons and demanding money from the cashiers. The offenders were given cash and then fled to an awaiting motor vehicle that was driven by a female. Supermarkets in Maribyrnong, Newport, Port Melbourne and Vermont South have also been robbed…


Physical Assault with Box Cutter – Melbourne CBD

On the 22-07-12  a twenty-two-year-old male was at a Melbourne CBD Nightclub when he went to the bathroom at around 3.10 am. The unknown male assailant entered the bathroom and attacked the victim without provocation with a box cutter seriously lacerating his face resulting in the victim being hospitalized for four days. If you have been…


Armed Robbery – Elmore Pharmacy, Bendigo

On the 18-07-12 during the late afternoon a male assailant with a weapon threatened staff at the Elmore pharmacy, north of Bendigo, before stealing pain management medication.

If you have been the victim of robbery contact Victims of Crime Counselling & Compensation Services for assistance on 1800 000 055 or make an enquiry now at