While Crimes Compensation is the easiest and simplest way for victims of crime in Victoria to be compensated there is also another relatively easy procedure through the Sentencing Act.

Crimes Compensation is in essence an insurance scheme which all Victorians fund and which they can make a claim agaisnt, the same way one pays for motor vehicle insurance and calls on this insurance following  a motor vehicle accident. The process should be no more difficult than this with the right advice.

Through the Sentencing Act a victim of crime can seek restitution directly from the offender for pain and suffering (Section 85B) and for property damage (Section 86). While this is also a relatively straight forward process it remains extremely underutilized and I would strongly encourage victims to consider such where appropriate.

Once the offender has been sentenced a victim has twelve months to contact the police prosecutor and to ask for an application for compensation against the offender to be made as per section 85B and 86 of the Sentencing Act.

For further advice contact Victims of Crime Counselling and Compensation Services on Freecall: 1800 000 055.

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