Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader, today, 20-09-12, called for the government to retrospectively pay the 300 or so Australian victims of terrorism overseas, such as victims of the Bali bombings, or their families, $75,000 in compensation.

In Victoria under the Crime Compensation legislation the family of a murder victim is entitled to up to $100,000 and a primary victim up to $70,000 in assistance.

Tony Abbott said that in light of the tenth anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombing it would be appropriate for the government to make such action to assist Australian victims of overseas terrorism attacks. Bring such compensation in line with what victims of crime in Australia are entitled to.

Nicola Roxon, Attorney-General, attacked Mr Abbott stating that the Coalition had been in power for five years after the Bali bombings but failed to pass any legislation to compensate victims of terrorism.

Mr Abbott said that he had raised the issue in 2006 and that there was a cabinet discussion in 2007 but that it ‘regretfully fell through the cracks’.

Julie Bishop, Deputy Opposition Leader, said that Ms Roxon’s comments were “reprehensible” and called for an apology.

Ms Gillard said that if Mr Abbott believed there were “unmet needs” from the current victims assistance program then she would “certainly consider them”.

Last year the federal government passed compensation laws that will award financial assistance to Australians victims caught up in future international terror attacks.

For victims of crime support and advice call 1800 000 055 or go to

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