Just as Crime Stoppers was about to announce its financial demise this week due to a lack of funding the Victorian State Government came to its rescue allocating money. Since its inception Crime Stoppers has led to 60,000 arrests with over 14,000 calls received recently in the Jill Meagher murder case. The use of public information and support has been found to be invaluable in solving criminal matters.

For victims of crime support and advice call 1800 000 055 or go to www.victimsofcrime.com.au

One thought on “Crime Stoppers

  1. brigitte

    What I’d like to add is that I’d worked in two prisons as social worker,generally between other jobs.
    I was involved in community leave applications and prison hearings in one government protection prison, where luckily aside from one fuzzy idealist common sense , including mine, prevailed in denial of highly obviously suspect leave of certain types of this minority of predatory sex offender inmate’s requests.
    Both the external system of sentencing and areas where prisoners amongst themselves could elect a physical sentence/treatment, sexual ownership by some inmates of other prisoners made up areas that no corrections paid positions of the system had any say in at all. Utterly brilliant experienced parole officers were forced to make decisions on prior younger level psychopathic violent sex offenders from the inadequate sentencing of their last of a few parallel crimes. Like, “do we parole him for a year where we can stand over him ‘helpfully”?”, “or just let him go withh no wasted effort next year?” “We know he’s going to rape again, involving violent threats and some force, he has the last two/three times.” The other officers reply was, “he’ll get locked up once he’s done it again, and we can’t do build confidence in relating as he offends so fast. Just leave him in without parole, he’s getting better… as he only used a knife in raping the last kid and not a gun at his head.” Reasons given for such a frequent dilemma were assuming the repeat idiot magistrate gave such limited sentences each time as criminal hadn’t had a chance to learn normal skills as locked up so often… or jails getting too full before a new jail will open. The community is made safe once such hurries up to commit a solved crime of their type. Two such rapists were discussed, one a predator of innocent women in their houses expected to be stalked and the knife threatened raped by surprise and the second who’d watch young boys playing where snatching one followed by gun or knife to comply with rape. Neither of their victims fit victim self endangerment contribution to leave the system of the hook in claiming if your careful enough our perp isn’t a problem if your careful enough. Public pics and warnings of such are the second best essential compromise to have chances of avoiding victims and if the perp isn’t 100% psychopathic and as argued limited in life experience in not getting instant unknowing victims a chance to rework out how the real world works. I really wonder what offenders are related to those in sentencing and most of all managing to have no public registries of these offenders. Another time I might think where officers can’t ever have a hope of a final say and where prisoners rule in meeting out punishments, having their “bitches” etc may be worth more of a mention, though the main pont is there is a point that prisoners where stakes are high enough in some matter can’t ever be managed/stopped etc., on a something that’s been decided HAS TO & WILL BE EXECUTED. All experienced prison workers know that as a fact, despite not being something that happens often!

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