All victims of crime in Victoria where a crime has been committed against a person, such as a physical or sexual assault, are entitled to access assistance through Crimes Compensation. Crimes Compensation is to ensure that such victims of crime are not out of pocket as a result of their trauma.

Costs paid by Crimes Compensation include medical expenses, dental expenses, ambulance expenses, loss of wages and other reasonable costs together with a component of cash for Pain and Suffering as well as whatever else will assist the victim to recover from the affect of crime. Assistance can be accessed for up to six years after an application for Crimes Compensation has been approved.

Victims of Crime Counseling & Compensation Services assists clients free of charge to access their entitlements as well as providing services to assist clients to recover from the affect of crime.

4 thoughts on “Crimes Compensation & VOCCS

  1. Badri Chapagain

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My Name is Badri Chapagain.I am a criminal Victim of 20th dec 2009. Four of the dark colour people robbed me on the robe st. st kilda, vic in the morning time at 8:15 am while i was walking to my work place from home.they took my everything including wallet and phones with importants cards and documents which i had on my wallet and tried to kill me from knife and hurt me alot.police took a photo for that. Now I am being scared to live in the area i am living but the problem is i have a contract for 1 more year and other utilities also have a same contract for 1 more year.I always have a fear to walk and live everywhere, make me rememberance of that incident.I also do have a police statement.
    But i don’t have idea, how do i make application for the compensation;
    will you please help me in details how can i file that.
    Thanking you for your kind cooperation in advance.
    Sincerly yours,

  2. Winifred Jones

    My daughter was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. She is now 32.
    For many years I have watched her trying to live a “normal” life but the past still haunts her (and me for not keeping her safe) My question is can she receive any compensation for pain and suffering after 26 years. She must have been about six years old when the incidents started. Thankyou

  3. Did the crime occur in Victoria and have you made a police statement?

  4. Yes you entitled to make a crimes compensation application if your father died as the result of a criminal act, such as culpable driving.

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