If only I had read this 4 years ago.

I have just come out of a nasty relationship with my ex being a drug addict & text book manic depressant traits.

The relationship became more aggressive, constant put downs & myself apologizing to him regardless of the situation, because in the end it was easier to agree & ultimately he won.

He had never laid a hand on my till this particular night. I would more or less call this violent episode ‘ice psychosis’ / a ‘meth rage’

It appeared to me that his whole personality just dropped, he had always been ‘hyper active’ or at ‘rock bottom’
This night, even his facial features appeared to change & i could hardly recognize him.

The relationship had ended as quickly as him just calling it quits. As he left with the abuse dribbling from his mouth & myself still asking for a rational reason for this?? while holding back the tears of him ‘actually’ leaving.

I told him to take his ring & tossed it to him as i had just stepped out onto the concrete front step, before i knew it I was on the ground with blood pouring out of my mouth & my head pounding. I had hit the wall on the way down. I had a concussion, incredible amount of blood flowing from me. As i looked up he had just turned past the gate still yelling abuse at me.

Long story short I called for help, while having a panic attack once actually seeing my face in the mirror.

Broken tooth, loose teeth, gaping hole in my lip/cheek, bits of flesh falling out of my mouth i had obviously bitten them off.

Police arrived & also my family. I was taken to the emergency room, stitched back together, now left with scars & nerve damage (hopefully to settle down).

I feel almost ashamed to walk down the street with people looking at me. If you see a girl with a fat lip, you know what happened.

Point being to my ramble, this was a man who regardless of faults I loved, who i never thought would hurt me in a million years. He had just flipped & left me laying on the ground coughing up blood concussed & I have not seen or heard a word from him since.

He has just recently been charged & served with an intervention order, as this act I could never forgive.

Comparing his usual traits to that of drug abuse & manic tendencies, was this bound to happen? Because in one swift move,he has burned so many bridges that cant possibly be mended with friends & family. In a way, it still feels more or less surreal.

Thank you for your input as I found this to much more satisfying then the same answer with lack of explanation’drug abuse causes psychosis’. My ex had literally lost all touch of reality.

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