The National Australia Bank (NAB) has just announced that it will be offering its staff, more than half of whom are women, paid Domestic Violence Leave. The NAB is the largest private employer to do so to date now making over one million Australian workers able to access such leave.

Lynda Dean of the NAB said that the bank takes the issue of domestic violence very seriously and understands that such victims may require time off work to deal with their issues. It is also essential for many reasons, including financial and psychological, that victims of domestic violence is able to have time off work but at the same time have a secure job to return to in a supportive work environment.

Ms Dean said not only is the NAB offering paid Domestic Violence Leave it will also be providing other work based support, including changing hours of work, changing rosters as well as job sharing arrangements to accommodate victim’s changing needs.

A victim of domestic violence according to the NAB policy is a person who is suffering physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse.

Victims of family violence or domestic violence call Victims of Crime Compensation and Counselling Services on 1800 000 055 or go to or email: for assistance.

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