Being a victim of crime is often traumatic but victims do not need to deal with it alone.

Crime often effects not only the primary victim but also witnesses as well as the victim’s family.

It is important for victims of crime to report the crime to police in order to assist the police to find the assailant as well as to prevent another person from becoming harmed.

When reporting a crime to police state exactly what you remember actually happened. After you have completed your police statement read it carefully before signing it to ensure that it includes all the relevant details and that the details are accurate. Always ask for a copy of your police statement.

After reporting the crime police should explain the investigation process to you and should ask you if you would like to be kept informed of the investigation and how you would like to be contacted.

Victim’s have rights and which are contained within the The Victims’ Charter. The Charter sets out principles on how the criminal justice system and victim support agencies respond to victims of crime.  Victims of crime can expect to be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity by the police, the Office of Public Prosecutions and victim support services. The Charter covers victims’ rights in relation to: Making a Complaint, The Media, Treatment, Bail, Hearing Dates, Victim’s Register, Getting Information, Following the Investigation, Getting Support, Being Protected, Victim Impact Statements, Protecting your Privacy and Applying for Compensation.

Once you have reported the crime to police you may be entitled to financial assistance from the state government or to compensation from the assailant. You are entitled to apply for financial assistance from the state government even if the assailant has not been apprehended. In order to be eligible for financial assistance you must be a victim of a violent crime, such as a physical assault or sexual abuse,  that the crime happened in Victoria, the crime was reported to police within a reasonable time and it must have occurred within the past two years, except in the case of some childhood sexual abuse crimes and certain domestic violence matters. Urgent financial assistance may be provided for medical expenses, immediate safety needs and counselling before a final determination of financial compensation is made. If you would like to apply for compensation or financial assistance you should contact Victims of Crime Compensation and Counselling Services on 1800 000 055 as soon as possible after the incident.

The three categories of a victim include a primary victim, the person who is injured as a direct result, a secondary victim, someone who is injured as a result of witnessing the crime or who is the parent of a person aged under eighteen years who was the primary victim, and a related victim, a person who was in a very close relationship with a murder victim. Up to $60,000 may be awarded to a primary victim and up to $50,000 to a secondary or related victim.

Applying for financial assistance is a very simple process any only requires one telephone call to Victims of Crime Compensation and Counselling Services on 1800 000 055 and we do all the rest and there is no cost whatsoever to the victim. Our solicitors specialize in applying for compensation and financial assistance for victims of crime and our psychologists specialize in trauma counselling. Victims of crime should not trust anyone else with their Crime Compensation and Counselling.

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