A recent report by The Sentencing Advisory Council found that jail time is not a deterrent to re-offending and that criminals who do jail time in Victoria are more likely to reoffend.

Seven years of data from the Victorian Magistrates Courts was examined and found men under twenty-five-years of age who had recently been in jail were significantly more likely to reoffend.

Arie Frieberg, Council chairman, said that the study found that people who had served jail time were more likely to go on to commit more crimes than those who had received a fine or a suspended sentence and that “imprisonment in fact creates more crime than other sentences”.

Robert Clark, Attorney General, said that the findings ‘indicate that the magistrates are getting it right and are more able to pick those that are more likely to reoffend and imposing more severe sentences on these offenders’.

It may also be argued that Victoria jails are not adequately punitive to act as a deterrent for repeat offenders.

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