Written by Daniel.

Absolutely amazing isn’t it!? The People of Australia are not allowed to voice
their opinions, when clearly the man…sorry…moron…is most definitely guilty,
in PART at the very least!

What I don’t understand is WHY it is felt that people giving their opinions is
going to in any way impact on his trial…FOR him…OR against him!?

The JURY will decide, based on evidence given in Court in January and no matter
WHAT the Police or anyone else say about the matter…at least some members of
the 12-person jury will go into Court on day ONE with a pretty firm belief one way
(guilty!) or the other way (NOT guilty!)…in any event! There is no getting around
that fact!

A Jury is made up of HUMANS…imperfect at the very best!

One last thing I would like to pint out:  You good People should have had the
courage to state ON you website…that the reason the “discussion” has been taken
down is because of the pressure applied from VicPol.

There is NO WAY they could have prevented you from making that statement, simply
because it is the TRUTH and let’s face it…the Police ALWAYS want people to tell the

Anyway…let us hope to GOD…the killer…whoever he was…does indeed get the
harshest of penalties for what he did!

If he DOESN’T…there will be hell to pay…that’s for sure!

Perhaps I should contact Darren Hinch?

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