An anniversary march for Jill Meagher is to be held on 29-09-13 at midday along Sydney Road in Brunswick. Organizes describe the march as an opportunity for people to once again come together in “peaceful defiance”.

Since the murder and rape on the 22-09-12 thousands of people have left flowers at the crime scene, painted laneways with Ms Meagher’s name, joined Facebook tribute sites and marched in her honour.

Premier Denis Napthine said that the death of Jill Meagher “changed Victoria forever.”

The state government reviewed of the parole system after Ms Meagher was killed by a serial rapist on parole and found a litany of problems.

The government’s review found that The Parole Board had been exposing the public to higher risk because its decisions were tilted in favour of the offenders and not the victims.

Denis Napthine said the system clearly failed Ms Meagher, her widowed husband and her grieving family. He said that “community safety must be the first and highest priority for the parole board.”

Over the past seven years there had been at least a dozen people in Victoria killed by criminals on parole.

One thought on “Jill Meagher – Anniversary March

  1. Our Justice system is infected with a culture of hubris. The legal profession has been able to subvert our laws giving consumers of legal services consumer rights. All complaints against the legal profession have been regulated by individual state legislation that directs consumer complaints to Legal Services Commissioners who operate under Legal Professional Acts that deal with clients and not consumers/ Clients do not have consumer rights.

    The Introduction of consumer rights in 1974 created a culture of accountability within normal Australian business culture. It involved the introduction of standards, risk assessment and quality control. This made Australia a place where business could be trusted their services and goods improved in quality and systems were introduced to prevent mistakes. Not so in the legal system. Hence people working in this industry were trained in a culture without standards where there is no accountability/
    . This perversion of the course of justice by those that direct the legal industry has evolved into the tragedy that has befallen so many young women including Jill Meagher.

    If I can contribute please contact me. tel 94195044

    Diarmuid Hannigan

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