Jon Faine this week said ‘…Jill Meagher’s death must not come to define us. That’s not what it’s like to live in the Melbourne that we know. This is an exceptionally rare event. Its randomness is part of what is so incomprehensible about it”

Jon please let me quote you the Victorian Crime Rates recorded from 2011 to 2012:

Assaults – 42,076

Sexual Crimes (non rape) 6,264

Aggravated Robberies – 3,286

Rape – 2,044

Abductions / Kidnappings 611

Homicide (Murder) – 173

Total – 54,454

Jon, life in the Melbourne has changed, and it is no longer what you thought it was or would like to believe it is.

I hope that Jill Meagher’s tragic death results in a tide of change in Victoria – where Victorians are no longer complacent about their safety and become vigilant and demand that all possible public and government resources go into creating the Melbourne that Jon Faine once knew.We cannot bring about change until we acknowledge that change needs to occur – and that change needs to occur now.

For professional advice and support call Victims of Crime Counselling & Compensation Services on 1800 000 055 or go to

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