John Elliott, a candidate for the City of Melbourne, has proposed the introduction of a 1.00 am common closure for Melbourne Nightclubs to curb violence. Others believe that the current problems associated with street violence will be exacerbated by such a measure and which have been previously trialled in Australia with little success.

On a Friday or Saturday night up to 100,000 young patrons frequent Melbourne CBD Nightclubs. A common closure will increase violence in public places and stretch police and hospital resources. Most nightclub violence is committed outside the Nightclubs and usually within the last two hours of trading.

Queensland has introduced a 3.00 am State wide lockout for late-night venues and “drink safe” precincts.

New South Wales has mandatory licence conditions for Nightclubs that experience significant levels of violence, including a 2.00 am lockout and additional security measures.

In Victoria Worksafe has addressed work-related violence by introducing a Guide to Crowd Control, which aims to minimise risks associated with security work.

Some actions taken by Victorian Nightclubs include refusing entry to certain patrons, monitoring of streets by CCTV and security staff and formalising action strategies between venues and police.

Community education programs must continue about alcohol-related violence  and a 1.00 am common closing time may exacerbate violence rather than reduce it.

 For victims of crime support and advice call 1800 000 055 or go to

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