Victims of Crime in Victoria Australia receive Government funded financial compensation to assist with recovery.

Financial assistance to a primary victim of crime in Victoria can be up to $70,000*.

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Victims of Crime Compensation and Counselling Services (VOCCS) is a private entity providing referal services to experienced solicitors & psychologists specializing in crime compensation. VOCCS helps facilitate state government funded entitlements to victims of crime has been doing so for over 15 years & has successfully assisted in over 10,000 crime compensation applications in Melbourne Victoria & Australia.


* The maximum total financial assistance awarded by the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal, VOCAT, in Victoria is $60,000 to a primary victim & $50,000 to a secondary or related victim. The amount of Special Financial Assistance awarded is up to $10,000.00. The maximum cumulative amount available to all related victims in respect of one death is $100,000.00.



Victims of Crime in Melbourne & Victoria may be eligible for State Government Funded Crime Compensation Assistance if:

  • You are the victim and have been directly injured as the result of a violent crime.
  • You have suffered either a physical or a psychological injury.
  • The crime was reported to the police and you made a police statement.
  • The crime was committed in the last two years in Victoria, Australia**.
  • You are related to a victim of crime.

Crime that has impacted victims may include physical assault, domestic violence, family violence, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, armed robbery, violent robbery, aggravated burglary, child abuse, child sexual abuse, indecent assault, home invasion, stalking, threats to kill, workplace assault, manslaughter, murder, culpable driving, dangerous driving, road rage, breach of Intervention Order, threat to harm, bullying, conduct endangering life or any other violent crime committed against a person. Matters such as childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence may in certain circumstances have occurred beyond two years.**

The offender does not need to be apprehended or charged or convicted in order for crime victims to apply for Compensation. Applications for Crime Compensation can also be made over the phone or by post if a victim is unable to travel. Victims of Crime Compensation & Counselling Services refers to solicitors and other service providers in Victoria & other states experienced in working with victims to guide them through the legal process in order to ensure they access all their crime compensation entitlements. Supporting victims to financially and emotionally recover from the effects of violent crime in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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