Poem by Tony Dawson of Strathbogie Victoria


They hide but they cannot hide

They pretend to pray but dont confide

They smirk and laugh with evil stare

Unlike us they do not care.


They mask what we display

They snicker when we don’t delay

They creep inside a rock spiders lair

Unlike us they do not care


Smile at the parole board boy

Play with them like a spinning toy

Then rape and pillage do as you dare

Unlike us they do not care


They say life isn’t black or white

But it is on those darkest nights

When the spiders web wanders here and there

Unlike us they do not care.


They take what they desire at will

Endorsed by a board of “honoured” dills

Key thrown south public beware

Unlike us they do not care.


Mother and father husband friend

Patching hearts to contend

It’s part of life but its just not fair

“You don’t give a f*** mate- you do not care….


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