Dear Chief Magistrate Gray,

Further to my earlier correspondence to you regarding Mr. Pithouse and his contemptible attitudes to victims, today’s story in the Sunday Heraldsun highlights just how out of touch this questionable Hulls appointment has turned out to be.

Judging by his previous performances you should be treating my requests with a little more seriousness than the flippant way you replied to me earlier.

I have had numerous calls from other victims since these reports hit the papers about how Pithouse has destroyed their lives as they thought he was there to protect them and uphold the Law, not to persecute them and make them feel like the offender.

His past performances have shown an appalling lack of judgment and highlight just how politically motivated his appointment was. Judging by his earlier performances as a Barrister this problem is not new.

To be told that he was only counselled for this appalling behavior doesn’t instill confidence in me to tell his victims that he has been properly reprimanded.

When a Chief Magistrate like Adams can be removed for upsetting the political balance, how is it that a poor performing Magistrate cant be removed.

One saving grace from last Saturday is that no longer will we have to contend with the political bias Hulls and his cronies had with the decision making of our legal fraternity. I trust you will view this request with the concern it took to write.

We all have to believe and respect our Justice System and issues like this do little to support that.

Kind Regards,

Steve Medcraft,

President PALS.

One thought on “People Against Lenient Sentencing (PALS) RE: Pithouse

  1. Alan Olufson

    Why not add a plank to have legislation for “Crimes against the elderly, disabled and infirmed?” The penalty for any such crime could be set at 200% of the offence as quoted in the relevant legislation.

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