A new app has been released in Australia called PTSD Coach Australia. This app has been designed in order to help people that suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) manage their symptoms. The app was originally developed in the United States by the National Center for PTSD and National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

The original intention was that it would be used for United States military veterans but due to the demanding need from PTSD sufferers in Australia the apps has been adapted to help military veterans in other locations. The PTSD coach includes a number of features among which help users to schedule health appointments and also tools to help the user manage their symptoms.

The number of PTSD sufferers has been steadily increasing as the number of military personnel involved in active combat increases and the frequency of engagements of war and the duration of those engagements increases.

The app is the first of its kind and will be followed by a number of additional apps to help veterans and other military personnel deal with mental health issues. PTSD has become a forefront issue with regards to war. The other apps that are to be released the future have not yet been named but it is stated that they too will be designed for symptom management as well as allowing health professionals to successfully do their jobs.

The app was modified from its United States version to the Australian version by Dr. Richard Cash and Ahmed Dhabi. The app has already been successfully implemented in the United States and the Australian Defence systems took an interest in the app after seeing the success that it was experiencing in the United States.

Both men worked closely with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as well as the DVA and Defence to make these apps localized for the Australian market. The issues affecting the apps performance with regards to localizing the app involved issues including the differences between the United States healthcare system versus the Australian healthcare system as well as basic things such as the differences between the English dialects. These changes were designed to help increase usage of the tool.

More information about the in depth features of the app include:

– information on PTSD treatment

– an assessment for PTSD to allow the user to figure out how severe their symptoms are so that a health professional can monitor their progress

– a scheduling tool so that health appointments can be made easily

– information as to where support and treatment facilities can be found that are covered under the DVA and Australian Defence systems

This app was officially launched in February of this year and there is not yet any information on the number of personnel currently using the app. However Dr. Cash warns that the app should not be considered as a standalone method of treatment for PTSD and that individuals suffering from PTSD should still work closely with health professionals that are monitoring their progress.

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