How one deals with trauma, namely expectations of helplessness or control, may determine to a great extent how much one is impaired by the traumatic event.

Post trauma do not only focus on the negative aspects of the incident, but look at your reslience, what you have learnt and how you can use this experience to become a better person. Traumatic events may have determined your past but refuse to allow them to dominate the present or future.

Do not see yourself as a victim, but rather as a survivor, and take control of your life. Think about who you were and what you did before the trauma and strive to be that person and behave in that fashion again, that is your goal.

View your past, including trauma, as a source of strength rather than of weakness. Stay connected with others and share your experieces of positive growth.

Do not focus on your feelings of helplessneess but rather take positive action to regain your quality of life. 

For treatment contact Victims of Crime Counselling Services on 1800 00 00 55.


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