Police in West Midlands England are using software called Operation Swordfish to predict where crimes such as burglaries are likely to occur.

The software works on the premise that criminals who commits burglaries often target the same area again shortly after the first incident.

Research from the Institute of Crime Science indicates that the neighbours of the initial burglary victim are especially vulnerable in the two weeks following the initial crime with around 30% of burglaries in Birmingham England in 2011 committed near to where the initial burglary had occurred.

The software identifies those properties most vulnerable following a burglary crime and then supports those households to reduce the likelihood of occurrence by, amongst other things, making neighbours aware and improving home security.

The software also examines possible future routes that burglars may take as research has shown that there is a strong relationship between different types of streets and burglary rates. Such vulnerable areas would then also be provided with further police assistance.

 This appears to be a great initiative and something that would be of value to Victoria Police.

 For victims of crime support and advice call 1800 000 055 or go to www.victimsofcrime.com.au

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