Current new intitiatives include:

1. Across Victoria there are now 13,000 police and 329 police stations.

2. 140 Melbourne railway stations and major regional stations now being manned by 940 Protective Services Officers.

3. Longer jail time for a range of serious offences, including murder, culpable driving, sexual penetration of a child under twelve years, persistent sexual abuse of a child under sixteen years, incest with a child under eighteen years and trafficking in a large commercial quantity of drugs. Offenders sentenced to twenty years or more will be required to serve a non-parole period of at least 70% of the sentence in jail, those sentenced to less than twenty years must serve at least 60% of their sentence behind bars and people sentenced to life imprisonment must be given a non-parole period of at least thirty years.

4. Suspended Sentences for a range of serious crimes was removed on 01/05/11 with Suspended Sentences for remaining offences in the Supreme and County Courts removed from September 2013 and from the Magistrates Court from September 2014.

5. Better tools to combat the threat of criminal organisations across Victoria including prohibition of continued operation of criminal gangs, banning of gang association, prohibition of the wearing of gang patches and removal of fortifications impeding access.

6. Two new offences of intentionally and recklessly causing serious injury with a non-parole period of at least four years.

7. Increasing safety for victims of family violence and enhance offender accountability.

8. Restrain the assets of people involved in serious criminal activity.

9. Prison capacity expansion program with a total of 938 new prison beds

10. Safety and protection of the community now being the key consideration in decisions relating to parole.

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