Arakan Martial Art has been providing members of all ages on the Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney, with specialised self-defence and martial art lessons for going on 23 years.

We pride ourselves in providing members of the public with the skills, confidence and focus, which in turn assists with their personal development and empowerment.

Arakan Martial Art provides its members with a journey of personal empowerment, which flows into all aspects of their lives.

We would like to provide Victims of Crime with the skills to build confidence, and empower themselves through Arakan Martial Art.

We are extremely passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of all people, as we believe that this is crucial in their lives.

Our Instructors are men and women who are highly qualified and have much life experience to offer. They are great role models for individuals who wish to become empowered and build their confidence over time.

Arakan Martial Art lessons provide the following benefits to participating students:

•             Strategic safety techniques

•             Situational environmental awareness

•             Health and Fitness

•             Self-motivation techniques

•             Discipline

•             Self-Respect and respect for others

•             Self Defence skills

•             Improves mental focus and concentration

•             Improve hand eye coordination and body mechanics

·                 Improve personal confidence and self esteem

·                Improves mental focus and personal empowerment

2 thoughts on “Self Defence – Martial Art

  1. Jasmine Evans

    I would like to enquiry about this course
    Could I possibly get a phone number or more information
    Kind Regards

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