Self Defence Hub was founded in January 2014 by Andre Conate, who has an extraordinary passion for women’s empowerment and safety.

Looking at the Australian national statistics of crimes against women, Andre knew there needed to be a safe environment where women can learn self defence. Having studied martial arts for over 20 years she felt that she was the most qualified person to bring this empowering environment to life. She wanted women to feel safe and capable of self protection if any situation called for it.

Self Defence Hub runs regular self defence classes at Uniting Hall, Altona Meadows and we travel to various locations in the Hobsons Bay / Melbourne area for private group classes.

We understand that trying a self defence class can be daunting…but you can have complete confidence that we will take you though each step with thorough guidance and expert knowledge of over 20 years experience. There are no egos in the team. We support each other and empower one another.

2 thoughts on “Self Defence

  1. Deepa

    I am a Victim of crime aged 52 years.i want to learn self defence.But I am living in city and cannot travel far.Are you holding free classes near city.i am interested to join.

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