Police believe that the same male offender may be responsible for three separate recent sexual assaults on young females in Melbourne.

On Saturday the 18th January 2014 at around 6.00 am a twenty-two-year-old female was walking along Flinders Street in Melbourne towards the Southern Cross Railway Station after finishing work when she was approached by an unknown male from behind. The offender held the female victim by her neck and forced her into a stairwell in Collins Street where he sexually assaulted her.

It is believed the same man also stalked three young females at Southern Cross railway station earlier that morning at around 5.00 am. The offender followed the three women into the female toilet where the women managed to lock themselves in a cubicle and call the police causing the offender to flee.

On the 07-12-13 at around 2.30 am a twenty-four-year-old woman was walking along Kings Way
when the offender introduced himself to her and attempted to strike up a conversation but she ignored him. The female then sat down talking on her mobile at which the offender grabbed her from behind and dragged her into a motor vehicle dealership where he sexually assaulted her.

On the 09-11-13 at around 1.15 am a twenty-two-year-old female was walking along Bourke Street in the Melbourne CBD when she was attacked by a male offender who forced her into a laneway before sexually and physically assaulting her.

Police described the offender as of Asian or South American appearance, aged in his late teens to mid twenties, slim build and around 165cm in height and are appealing for public assistance.

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