Written by Ms L.A.

I have been abused all my life but have never resorted to drugs or alcohol or any
other addiction as sooner or later, you have to face your issues.  What I have
learnt from my experiences, it is not the event/s that happen in your life but how
you deal with them.

As a child between ages of 8-10 years, I was sexually abused by my uncle (father’s
sister’ husband).  I avoided wearing white and never was close in personal space
to my uncles on my mother’s side as a direct result.

For 20 years, I served in the miltary and endured extreme sexual abuse.  One night
I was in deep sleep in my room and a drunken officer cadet broke into my room and
placed his hands over my throat.  I awoke to him eyeballing me and telling me not to
move or he would kill me.  It was written off as a drunken prank but the incident has
never been forgotten.

There were incidents of workplace imprisonments where I had to ask to go to the
toilet, had to write all my notes in shorthand as all documentation was read by my
superiors and lost an incredible amount of weight due to the ongoing daily stress and
pressures.  My boss’ wife was a civilian psychologist and shot herself through the
head due to the abuse at home whilst I was undergoing the same torture at work.

Another attempted rape was conducted for months whilst I undertook a management
course in Wagga Wagga.  He used to break into my room, jump on top of me and
grind his genitals into me.  No amount of physical or verbal abuse dismissed him.  It
went on for months and took its toll.

Another bad working environment where I submitted documentation to Canberra
due to extreme abuse led to being on the Dept of Defence database for whistleblowing.
I took on all the officers of my unit and had their careers stopped.

Post discharge from the military, I was extremely agoraphobic and isolated, ostracised
and alienated from society.  Due to sheer loneliness, I met an Italian/Egyptian psychopath
on an internet dating website.  He knew that I was financially stable and saw me as an
avenue to live the lifestyle he could ill afford.  Whilst I walked or rode a bicycle, he
drove a Mercedes sports car or a Porsche on lease, wore designer labels.  He constantly
abused me – physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, socially
– cut off ALL family and friends.  As a single mother in the military, I had saved every
cent to make myself financially stable upon discharge and this psychopath drained my
assets for his own use.

I was tortured daily but after securing the Intervention Order in mid June 2006, he
then had total power and control over me in relation to the property settlement.
My corrupt lawyers pushed the legal matter into the Supreme Court of Victoria and
as a pensioner, I was paying $5,000/month on the mortgage.  The psychopath knew
that I could ill afford this commitment and procrastinated on the settlement until I had
to succumb to his demands or go bankrupt.  My house at Sandringham beach
was sold and all proceeds along with my superannuation was put into his companies
and I worked arduous hours with no compensation.

The corrupt lawyers then told me that I could subdivide the land at the rear of the
house so that I could pay out the mortgage.  I borrowed heavily to enable me to pay
the mortgage in advance for 12 months only to have the house sold from under me.

Land Tax (company tax which should have been paid by the psychopath) was taken
from MY settlement.  The Australian Taxation Office gave him capital losses on the
properties we renovated throughout the four year torturous relationship although it
was my capital which purchased them.

In September 2006, I met an orthodontist who had served in the military with me.
We dated twice and I realised that he was an alcoholic.  I told him no alcohol in my
presence which he did but on 22 December 2006, he threw a large concrete garden
ornament, bigger than the size of a football, at head height through the 100 year old
leadlight doors of my house.  The police who took away the Italian/Egyptian psychopath
then took away the orthodontist.  They told me ‘lady you need to get youract together’.
Never have I felt so abused by the judicial system and could see that criminals walk
free whilst victims pay the price forever.

For two years after these two life threatening events, I stayed in bed and became
chronically depressed with post traumatic stress disorder (already diagnosed from the
military abuse).  The only way I got myself out of this mess was to go to the gym and
deal with my anger.

Although I have mental illness, I had my assets stolen from me with no compensation
and saw two criminals walk free with no charges.

The orthodontist suicided in October 2009 and I wanted to know if he had killed anyone
else with him. Fortunately this was not the case.

Exercise will give you the self confidence and self esteem to rebuild your life which is
what I have had to do.  I will never forget the torture I have endured but it is locked
away so that I can now smile and laugh again.

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