A taxi was called to a Werribee location at around 2.30 am and a male proceeded to sit in the front passenger seat while two other males wearing balaclavas opened the driver’s door and threatened the taxi driver with knives demanding cash. The police apprehended four teenage males shortly afterwards.  A series of alleged crimes against taxi drivers have been recently reported in the Hoppers Crossing and Werribee area.

In another recent incident three males jumped into a taxi and put a knife to the driver’s throat and as he was attempting to fight off the assailants smashed into another motor vehicle providing him with the opportunity to jump from his taxi and flee.

Taxi drivers are in a very vulnerable position and perhaps more needs to be done to increase their safety, such as the mandatory installation of protective screens. Such screens would provide a physical barrier between themselves and any potential assailant.

When a crime occurs in a workplace, such as while driving a taxi, the victim may be entitled to access assistance through both Workcover and Crime Compensation to promote their recovery.

For further advice and assistance contact Victims of Crime Counselling & Compensation Services on 1800 000 055.

2 thoughts on “Taxi Driver – Victims of Crime

  1. Naveed Sattar

    i am a taxi driver.i got robbed yesterday,6 may morning at 4:35 am.
    there were few guys on two cars.they hit my taxi and then come out and demand money.i said i give you money but they were continuely punching on my face.they also have a long hand saw by which they cut my leg and ran away.i call police who got me to hospital.i got stiches on injury.i lost my money and wallet.
    i need legal assistence that ho can i get compensation.

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