Nightmares are common for trauma survivors, and sometimes go on for months or years. Victims who develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and/or who have other mental health problems, are more likely experience nightmares.

Nightmares after trauma often involve the same frightening elements of the trauma and about 50% are actual repeats of the trauma. Nightmares after trauma also often involve body movements.

One treatment for nightmares is Imagery Rehearsal Therapy, which involves the person who is having the nightmares, while awake, changing how the nightmare ends so that it no longer distressing, and then rehearsed over and over.

One thought on “Trauma and Nightmares

  1. Soula Vaitsis

    I have had nightmares for years due to the rape and abuse was infkicted upon me by my ex husband. it comes and goes. Counselling has helped somewhat but it still happens. You can never recover completely from such trauma.

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