There has been an increase in the number of domestic violence cases that have been reported all over the world and that is a worrying sight and has to be dealt with immediately before things get out of control. Domestic violence cases are regularly reported, but only some of them are violent enough where a case is registered against the abuser. In many domestic violence cases, the incident is never reported and therefore it is very tough to identify the actual number of domestic violence victims that are present in any country. Domestic abuse may or may not be physical, but in most cases there will be some form of physical abuse along with domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence will endure trauma that is both physiological and psychological and therefore there is the need to give such victims counseling along with medical treatments to ensure that they get over the trauma that they will be experiencing.

Abusers usually have a great arsenal of strategies and psychological weapons that will be used by them against the victim and will make the victim literally paralyzed. As victims are repeatedly traumatized, they will go deeper into a trap from where they will not be able to recover easily and many victims will live their entire life enduring the trauma and the domestic violence. There will be a stressful environment that will be created by the abuser and this environment will be used by the abuser to emotionally hurt the victim and to blame the victim on every wrong doing even if the abuser is at fault. Victims of domestic violence say that the psychological trauma that is suffered by them is a lot more damaging than the physical trauma and that any type of physical abuse can be dealt with unlike the mental abuse which will tend to linger on forever.

When a victim experiences trauma, there are a lot of changes that happen in their body and the body chemistry gets altered during any type of abuse. The actions of people during such abuse vary from one person to the other and either they will prepare for a fight or flight. But if a victim is repeatedly put under such abuse regularly, the brain will shut down and will not recognize the signs that the body gives to the brain regarding the danger that is before the victim. This is why most victims of domestic violence are less receptive if they have been subjected to domestic abuse for a long period of time.

A great deal of trauma is experienced by domestic violence victims and others needs to recognize this fact and should try to help the victim to recover from the trauma. It is very important that proper counselling is entered into as well as support of family, friends and community is sought which will help such victims recover more quickly from domestic violence. Domestic violence should never be tolerated and the victim should never blame themselves for the abuse they are subjected to.

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