Sexual Assault – Gippsland

On Monday the 27the January 2014 at around 9.20 pm a sixteen-year-old girl was followed from the Sale Train Station by an unknown male. The male then approached the teenager and engaged her in a brief conversation before grabbing and indecently assaulting her in a supermarket car park. The young female managed to flee and alert police.

On the 19-01-14 at around 1.00 pm a fifteen-year-old girl was assaulted in Gippsland Centre Plaza and police believe that the incidents may be related.

The assailant is described as being around twenty-year of age and of Indian appearance.

Assault – Drysdale Geelong

On the 29-01-14 at around 11.15 pm a male was sleeping in his motor vehicle in Drysdale when he was awoken by two males wearing balaclavas and armed with firearms. The assailants discharged the firearm in his direction and struck him to his head. The victim fled to a nearby home where he called police.

Assault – St Albans and Sydenham

On the morning of Tuesday the 28-01-14 several people in spate incidents in St Albans and Sydenham were threatened by a male with gun and wearing a clown mask. The masked assailant was a passenger in a motor vehicle which slowed down beside pedestrians and as he leant out the window threatened them with a hand gun. Brimbank police reported the victims being in shock and are appealing for public assistance.

Victims of crime for financial support and professional advice call Victims of Crime Compensation Victoria on 1800 000 055 or go to or email:


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