Victoria Police supports changing the law to allow victims of domestic violence to know where their assailants reside.

Ken Lay, Chief Commissioner, recently intervened after a victim of serous domestic violence was told that her paroled assailant had a right to privacy and that she would not be provided with information in respect to the general area where he resides.

The Adult Parole Board said the Corrections Act prohibits the release of a parolee’s address.

Chief Commissioner Lay bypassed this legislation and informed the victim of the general area where the assailant was living so she could avoid this area.

Chief Commissioner Lay said he will give this victim as much support as possible in order for her to go on living her life and to feel safe.

The victim said that she now feels more assured about leaving her home since the assailants release from prison as she now knows where to avoid which gives her huge peace of mind.

Victoria Police said that they are currently looking at options in relation to this legislation as the number one priority should be the welfare of the victim.

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