A new American study found that only about 12% of the nearly 70% of victims of violent crime that have suffered a social or emotional problem, such as anxiety, trouble sleeping or depression, received any assistance from victim services.
The study also found that 80% of women who suffered from a serious violent crime reported social or emotional problems while only 58% percent of men reported similar issues, with crime victims harmed by domestic violence or family violence being far more likely to report difficulties.
The study, which involved 160,000 victims, found that only about 33% of victims who experienced severe distress reported the crime to the police, about 50% of victims who knew the perpetrator reported the crime with 41% of those who didn’t know the offender reporting the crime to police.
In Victoria Australia during 2013 to 2014 there were over 100,000 incidents of violent crime reported to police. Of these less than 5% of victims received financial assistance from the state government.
In Victoria a primary victim of a violent crime is entitled to up to $70,000 in assistance, including re-imbursement of all expenses, including loss of wages of up to $20,000, as well as medical and counselling expenses plus up to $10,000 in Special Financial Assistance.
For further assistance call 1800 000 055 or (03) 9415 9492 or go to www.victimsofcrime.com.au or email support@victimsofcrime.com.au

2 thoughts on “Victims of Crime Support

  1. Jenny

    My husband is in USA for work and has been mugged and assaulted. He has had stitches in his forehead as a result of being hit by a beer bottle and other injuries the full magnitude of which I am not sure of. He is there for work and went for dinner a block from his hotel in chatanooga. He was walking alone and was mugged by a group of about 7 youths. A full report has been made to police. He has entitlements under his travel insurance for medical expenses incurred. I am concerned however about his mental state I am just making a preliminary enquiry about any compensation he may be entitled to – if any. He will not want a fuss and will undoubtedly attempt to just move on As I said this is just a concerned wife making a preliminary enquiry. Do you have any suggested advice. Thank you. Jenny

  2. Yes. He should contact the Department of Justice in the state he was assaulted in and asked to be referred to the victims of crime compensation department. Alterantively make a call to the Australian embassy. Good Luck.

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