All Australians going out tonight should be concerned in the light of Ms Meagher tragic murder.

For journalists and others to suggest that crime statistics do not support people’s fears, citing that the country’s homicide rate is at historical lows, is nonsense. I suggest that these individual’s should be citing these figures to the family and friends of the 140 recent murder victims in Victoria.

Community tolerance to violent crimes, such as murder, should be zero. It is ridiculous to say that as national murder rates have dropped from last year’s figures that we should feel safe and be complacent. One murder is one murder too many.

2011 – 2012 crime statistics show that Victoria’s rate of murder and manslaughter has climbed by 44% during this period of time, with 140 Victorians murdered during 2011 to 2012. Almost three Victorians are murdered each week in Victoria, almost one person every second day. These are very alarming figures.

This is not a “salient feature in people’s minds” but something which is occurring far more than we as a modern affluent society should tolerate.

Nationally there were 279 victims of homicide, with 95 women killed by someone they knew and 12 by a stranger.

Anyone can be a victim of crime and everyone needs to be vigilant. We need to have a ‘zero tolerance’ on violent crimes and this is the only way violent crime may be contained in the future.

Further, for Andrew Rule Anger, Herald Sun journalist, to suggest that ‘Jill was a naive young woman walking home in the dark’ is an insensitive and inappropriate thing to say. Jill was the victim of a horrible crime and no blame whatsoever should be awarded her. This culture of “victim-blaming” needs to stop and the only person to blame is the offender.

For victims of crime support and advice call 1800 000 055 or go to

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