What victims of crime need post trauma is prompt and professional assistance to address their needs and to promote recovery. The current Victoria Victims of Crime Delivery Model appears to be restricting this service. Statistics show that victims of crime in Victoria are waiting up to five months to access a state government funded VACP and then when accessing this service up to 80% of victims are referred to a third provider, only to tell their story again.

This state government system costs the Victoria taxpayer some $10 Million annually which is a very expensive referral system which appears to be doing little other than significantly delaying the delivery of professional services to victims of crime and it is well researched that such delay is very detrimental to recovery.

For example, a victim of crime recently approached our office and stated that it took him over three months to see an intake worker at a government VACP only to then be referred to a third party Social Worker who he stated was unable to meet his needs and who he subsequently did not continue seeing. When he was informed by our office that he had a choice of treatment service provides he stated that he was never informed of this fact and that if he had known this he would have certainly sought out his own professional help much earlier.

The difficulty with this state model is that it interferes with free market forces by channelling victims away from professional services only to refer them back, generally after a very long period of delay. This model is unique and contrary to all other free market democratic models, such as Workcover or TAC, and its value is questionable as it has failed to address any performance targets over the past two years.

At Victims of Crime Counselling and Compensation Services our policy is to see victims as soon as they contact our office and to immediately apply for appropriate assistance from the state government for them. If you require immediate, prompt and professional assistance kindly contact us on Freecall: 1800 000 055.

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