Indian male was the victim of an armed robbery and physical assault with a baseball bat perpetrated by three unknown male assailants in St. Albans on the 18-10-10. Male said that at around 6.30 pm he had got off the train at Keilor Plains Railway Station and began to walk home. He said that while walking along Brimbank Boulevard the assailants began to follow him and soon attacked him. Male said that one assailant took his wallet from his back pocket while another took his ipod from his front pocket while the third assailant, who was wearing a balaclava, repeatedly punched him to the face as well as striking him several times with the baseball bat to his left shoulder. Male said that he was screaming for help during the incident. The assailants then fled. Male said that he believed that he was going to be seriously hurt during the incident. Male said that his wallet containing cards, $200.00 in cash as well as his mobile phone and ipod were stolen. Male reported physical injuries including a cut to his right lower lip as well as bruising and swelling to his left shoulder and head. Male reported no medical treatment post incident as he is an overseas student and has no medical cover. If anyone has any knowledge of this crime please contact us.

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