On the 04-05-13 at around 4.45 am two men entered a home on Piccolotto Drive in Melton through an unlocked back door. The assailants were disturbed by the homeowner’s dog and fled on foot with a hand bag, bum bag and other stolen items. Melton police are appealing for witnesses.

Victims of aggravated burglary call 1800 000 055 or go to www.victimsofcrime.com.au or email: support@victimsofcrime.com.au for support and advice.

2 thoughts on “Aggravated Burglary – Melton

  1. steven

    On the 24/7/14 we were broken into between 1 pm and 3:30pm items stolen 2 money boxes containing approx. $230 , back pack bag silver grey in colour, we think they use this to carry off our items , 2 packs cigs Winfield gold, petty cash tin containing 1 and 2 dollar notes & 1966 50 cent coins and other 50 cent coins , plus a tin containing old coins (pennys, half pennys farthings .and other old coins French ,US, Egypt , Silver sovereigns. ect any info will be welcome

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