Brodie’s Law has broadened the definition of bullying behaviour to include: acting in any other way that could reasonably be expected to cause a victim to engage in self-harm. Below is a summary of the legislative changes.

I think that the current state government should be commended on this initiative as well as the many others they have recently introduced to combat the alarming increase in serious crime in Victoria.
3 Stalking
(1) After section 21A(2)(d) of the Crimes Act 1958
5 “(da) making threats to the victim;
(db) using abusive or offensive words to or in the presence of the victim;
(dc) performing abusive or offensive acts in the presence of the victim;
10 (dd) directing abusive or offensive acts towards the victim;”.
(2) For section 21A(2)(g) of the Crimes Act 1958
“(g) acting in any other way that could reasonably  be expected—
(i) to cause physical or mental harm to the victim, including self-harm; or
(ii) to arouse apprehension or fear in the victim for his or her own safety or that  of any other person—”.
(3) In section 21A(2) of the Crimes Act 1958, after “with the intention of causing physical or mental harm to the victim” insert “, including self harm,”.
(4) In section 21A(3) of the Crimes Act 1958, after “victim” (where first occurring) insert “, including self-harm,”.
(5) After section 21A(7) of the Crimes Act 1958 insert—
“(8) In this section—mental harm includes—
(a) psychological harm; and
(b) suicidal thoughts.”.



3 thoughts on “Brodies’ Law – Crimes Amendment (Bullying) Bill 201

  1. Thatwoman

    I live in a retirement village where i have experienced bullying worse than anything ever saw in the in the playground as a teacher.I have even been told “I hope you die”. This has occurred because I have spoken up about illegal actions and unfairness in the village. I will now be able to quote this law to the perpetrators and report them if they continue to bully me and others.

  2. Willy Bagatcholon

    I know what it feels like to be completely hopeless, its not easy. I have recently been fired from my previous job as an assistant store manager, after i defended myself from my store manager bulyying me and harrassing me at work. In NSW there is still no legislation of definition on what is Anti-bullying, hopefully one day I can change that.

    Please click and read on the link below for more information.

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