Reactions to a trauma may include:

  1. Feeling hopeless about the future
  2. Feeling detached or unconcerned about others
  3. Having trouble concentrating or making decisions
  4. Feeling jumpy and getting startled easily at sudden noises
  5. Feeling on guard and constantly alert
  6. Having disturbing dreams and memories or flashbacks
  7. Having work or school problems

You may also experience more physical reactions such as:

  1. Stomach upset and trouble eating
  2. Trouble sleeping and feeling very tired
  3. Pounding heart, rapid breathing, feeling edgy
  4. Sweating
  5. Severe headache if thinking of the event
  6. Failure to engage in exercise, diet, safe sex, regular health care
  7. Excess smoking, alcohol, drugs, food
  8. Having your ongoing medical problems get worse

You may have more emotional troubles such as:

  1. Feeling nervous, helpless, fearful, sad
  2. Feeling shocked, numb, and not able to feel love or joy
  3. Avoiding people, places, and things related to the event
  4. Being irritable or having outbursts of anger
  5. Becoming easily upset or agitated
  6. Blaming yourself or having negative views of oneself or the world
  7. Distrust of others, getting into conflicts, being over-controlling
  8. Being withdrawn, feeling rejected, or abandoned
  9. Loss of intimacy or feeling detached

If these reactions persist you may wish to discuss such with your doctor or a psychologist specializing in trauma.

2 thoughts on “Some Common Initial Reactions to Severe Trauma

  1. I have been experiencing all of these things so iim a victim of abuse. But the man whi has abused me continues to call himself a victim and that I am physically abusive and verbally abusive. Yet he can still hold down a job go out socializing with friends and family plus enjoy a night at the movies. Hes just infomed my lawyer that hes taking a vro out on me when I have been granted mine die to the abuse ive indured.I need gelp tp save myself from him.

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