In Victoria between 2006 and 2010 there were 105 people sentenced for the offence of culpable driving causing death. Driving a motor vehicle dangerously or under the influence of alcohol or drugs and causing the death of another person will invoke this offence. This offence in Victoria carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

In light of the recent horror time on Victorian roads, with 22 people losing their lives in the last two weeks the question is raised whether sentencing of offenders for culpable driving is sufficient enough to deter offenders from devastating lives and killing innocent victims.

The prison sentences handed down by the Victorian Courts varied from 2 years to 10 years. The average imprisonment term served upon these offenders was 5 years and 6 months.

Whilst steps are being taken by police to curb the incidents of dangerous driving including longer impound times and heftier fines allowing criminals who recklessly take the life of innocent victims and cause devastation to families, friends and communities across the state with lenient prison sentences somewhat negates the efforts of law enforcement officials.

The vast majority of offenders are males aged in their 20s, with the average age being 28. 35 males aged between 20 and 24 were convicted of culpable driving during the 5 year period.

If you have been a victim of dangerous driving, contact Victims of Crime Counselling and Compensation Services on freecall 1800 000 055 or email: for further assistance.

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