Honestly, all the people complaining about speed cameras, get a life. Yes get your own life back on track, because one day this will be you, who the newspapers are reporting, dying in a speed related crash. Correct, don’t speed and you will not be complaining, because you won’t get fined, because you didn’t break the law. I can promise you; you will save bucket loads of money. I guarantee it, as I am proud to say I have a clean driving record, over 20 years, no fines, no crashes, no revenue for the Government. I get to where I am going in just about the same time, safely and most importantly ALIVE. If you think it won’t happen to you, then I am sad for your family in advance. I know what it’s like to get that horror knock on the door at 5am in the morning. With a couple of police officers, just doing their job, to tell you a loved one won’t be coming home ever again. And to the wingers, complaining about Lygon Street being a 40kmph zone, it is for the safety of the huge amount of pedestrians who use this street for a great night out. Eating at curb side restaurants, with reduces speed traffic you feel safer until the hoon arrives. Sadly my Son, Damian Cooper, a pedestrian, gave his life to a speeding motorist in the early hours of a Saturday morning in Lygon Street Carlton. I worked hard, suffering my loss, to have this part of our wonderful city made safer for all who use Lygon Street. If you don’t like driving at 40kmph you have alternate streets that don’t have an abundance of foot traffic an allow through traffic to drive at 60kmph. So to wrap it up, sorry if I offended you, sorry if speed cameras snap you, sorry if you can’t help yourself and sorry to your family because WILL YOU BE THE NEXT TO DIE ON OUR ROADS


One thought on “Culpable Driving

  1. Ronda

    You are a fine person to have turned such a sad loss into such a positive move. What you are saying and doing is right and I totally support you and am very sorry you lost your beautiful son.

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